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Comments and Observations from ABC Clients

From the onset of training, Mr. Anderson and his staff contributed to the success of the program by relating well to the work force from senior management to the front-line operators. Their capacity to keep our people motivated and interested was critical to the success of the 12-month training process. The plant is currently averaging 200,000 pounds of pipe per day a 25% increase. The plant has gone from being the highest-cost producer of the company’s six plants to the lowest cost producer.

-- Darlene Jerome, Plant Manager, PWPipe PVC Extrusion Plant, Perris

Your enthusiasm, stories and illustrations helped everyone to understand why good-hearted leadership is the magnet that attracts the customers and employees who drive our business success.... With each session they become more attentive to the day-to-day operations of the business that keep our customers satisfied and the business profitable.

-- Jose Jara, Founder and President, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant Chain, San Bernardino

...made the most lasting difference on our work force and me...each employee wants to make a contribution; if we give them a sense of importance and reason to take pride in their work, they will accomplish more than anyone ever imagined.

-- Buck Ward, Distribution & Warehouse Manager, ICI Paints, City of Industry to take a specific job situation that was understood by only a few, and somehow compare it to a...situation that was understood by all. (Ray Anderson’s) philosophy on self-improvement...applied to job floor as well as life in general, and because he seemed comfortable with himself, he made others in his presence also feel comfortable.

-- (signed,) The 10 Production Supervisors at Sinclair Paint, City of Commerce

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