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Processes – Process Improvement

How do your processes work together to increase profits, improve productivity, and generate long-term customer satisfaction?

  1. How do your production and delivery processes address the issues of quality, cycle times, and on-time performance?
  2. What programs do you have to improve your major production & services processes?
  3. By what standards will you measure these process improvements?
  4. Are your processes and programs related to your strategic objectives?
  5. Is your scrap and rework costs under control?
  6. What is your approach to continually reduce scrap and rework cost?
  7. Is your New Product Development process designed to deliver customer requirements and provide speed to market?
  8. How do you introduce new technologies internally and to the marketplace?

We can help you in these areas:

Lean Enterprise
Operations Management - Back Office

Achieve greater accuracy in your Master Production Schedule (MPS)
Advance the quality of your supplier relationships
Cut Overhead costs
Eliminate backorders
Implement Just-In-Time Inventory
Automate simple, effective inventory management
Streamline the supply chain
Identify key production bottlenecks
Improve quality control process
Optimize inventory levels to accelerate inventory turns
Meeting facilitation (management of action items)
Reduce cycle times
Streamline processes
ISO Standards Audit and Procedure Implementations
Reduce “shrink”
Visual work instructions
Quality manuals
Quality specifications
Reduce operations and productivity bottlenecks
Minimize rejects & rework costs
Workplace organization (5S)
Improve your on-time customer deliveries and order fill rates

Operations Management – Front office
Process improvement
Strengthen the supply chain
Eliminate redundant data entry work
Establish Quality Control Standards
Reduce Recalls, Trouble Tickets and Complaints

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The Four Ps: Plans, Players, Processes and People

The Five S Factors: Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain

The Successful Company’s Sequence: Inspire, Simplify, Perfect, Reward

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