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How do you find, keep, and grow profitable customers?

  1. How do you determine your target customers?
  2. What is your customer acquisition process?
  3. What processes do you use to build customer relationships?
  4. In what ways do you listen and learn from your customers?
  5. Do you understand your customers’ business model?
  6. How do you keep your customer listening methods current?
  7. How do you follow-up and gain feedback on you customer transactions?
  8. Do you understand your customers’ views of your business?
  9. Do you understand their impressions of your competitions’ business?
  10. What is your complaint management process?

We can help you in these areas:

Marketing & Sales Management
Company and competitor analysis
Company and product line positioning
Customer profitability analysis
Distribution channel analysis
Product line profitability
Pricing strategy implementation
New product development
Finding new profits and revenue centers
Achieve better results from your marketing & sales investments
Sales forecasting
Increase the accuracy of your sales forecasting
Discover new channels of profitable sales growth
Reduce the loss of key accounts (customer churn)
Improve effective communications from the customer's door to your shop floor
Find, win and KEEP high profit accounts
Build sales volume by “growing” existing customers
Improve customer service and retention
Customer relationship management

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