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Plans for Profitable Growth

Do your projects and programs drive superior operational performance?

  1. What is your strategic planning process?
  2. How many years do you look out?
  3. How many years does your strategic planning project forward?
  4. Have you identified your key strategic objectives?
  5. What are your 3 to 5 year goals and targets for achieving your objectives?
  6. Are these objectives aligned with your customers’ requirements?
  7. Are you achieving your current performance projections?
  8. How does your performance compare to your competition?
  9. What processes do you use to communicate your strategy throughout the organization?
  10. Do departmental objectives relate and tie back to your overall strategy?
  11. Do employees understand/support your strategy and company mission?

We can help you in these areas:

Management Information Systems – Information Technologies
ERP/MRP Systems Integration & Implementation
High level IT system review
Master Scheduling
Stop the Bleeding! Find and Fix Profit Leaks
Develop & expand Company knowledgebase and ability to execute

Finance, Accounting for increased profit
Learn how to REALLY leverage Other People’s Money & Assets
Shorten your Cash Conversion Cycle
Manage Accounts Payable for hidden discounts
Accelerate Accounts Receivable
Reduce your cost structure
Slash Bad Debt write-offs
Float in your Favor

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The Four Ps: Plans, Players, Processes, and People

The Five S Factors: Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain

The Successful Company’s Sequence: Inspire, Simplify, Perfect, and Reward

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