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People – Employee Alignment

How does your leadership and culture generate company profit and employee energy?

  1. Are you making your profit numbers and accomplishing your strategy?
  2. Are you in control of your major issues and challenges?
  3. Do you understand your customer’s business model?
  4. What do your customers think about your performance and capabilities?
  5. How do you compare against your competition?
  6. How do you take action against these findings?
  7. Do you have a culture based on innovation, creativity, profitability and employee respect?
  8. How does senior leadership establish company values and performance expectations?
  9. What methods are used to communicate these expectations? How often?
  10. Are employee reviews used to improve organizational performance?

We can help you in these areas:

Senior Executive & General Management
Leadership & Team Development
Create alignment within the senior team
Increase employee retention

Training, Leadership & Human Resources
Train & Communicate with Front-Line and Executive Staff (on-site or online)
Improve Staff Retention – (Reduce Employee Turnover)

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The Four Ps: Plans, Players, Processes, and People

The Five S Factors: Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain

The Successful Company’s Sequence: Inspire, Simplify, Perfect, and Reward

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