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Fifty percent of the companies on the Fortune 500 in 1970 are gone because they couldn’t deliver profit. For the same reason, 95% of the businesses that started in 2000 will not be in business by the end of 2005. For 12 years, American Business Concepts has helped clients save millions of dollars to meet their operating challenges and change faster than their marketplace and competition. We have a proven track record of helping clients increase revenue, reduce costs improve processes and lead change. In like fashion, our staff can be your extra pair of hands and the catalyst for finding solutions to the challenges you face in running a profitable business.

At ABC we use a four part process that focuses upon the key areas of your business; we refer to them as the four Ps. From this framework we strive to understand your business from the outside-in (through the customer’s eyes) and then help you fix it from the inside-out. Doing it this way helps maintain critical alignment with your marketplace.

Players (customers): “What can you do to expand the quality of your customer base?”
Plans: “What can you do to reduce costs and eliminate bottlenecks to become more competitive?”
Processes: “What are the most effective ways to improve quality while still making a profit?”
People: “How can you get your people more actively involved with creative solutions and ideas?”

The solutions to these tough questions are usually found within the organization. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have systematic and consistent ways of drawing them out of their employees. This is how we make a difference. First, we focus on management: helping develop dashboard systems that provide feedback on measures critical to company success. Second, is through leadership training: bringing out the best in the only infinite resource—People!
Our structured approach produces dramatic results through 4 simple concepts:

Inspire: We help the leadership create a Vision and Strategy Statement regarding the future of the company. Working as a team with management, we provide assessments that enable the company to hire people who are attracted to the vision and values. Finally, we help you develop activity “scorecards" that recognize and reward employees who achieve expectations, develop those who don’t, and eliminate those who won’t.

Simplify: We map processes and systems critical to the organization and keep only the steps required by the customers or regulators. The object is to help eliminate anything that isn’t necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Your ability to eliminate waste and rework is a key step in profitability enhancement.

Perfect: Using six sigma techniques, we help you bring costly mistakes under control. We have a track record of reducing scrap, rework, mistakes and most importantly increasing profit.

Reward: We help develop a “dashboard” that allows you to monitor and minimize process mistakes that cost time, money, quality, morale, and customer satisfaction. Then we help implement a reward system that will provide a self-scoring system for each job.

The competitive nature of the global economy has impacted all of us. We can’t change the world, but we can help you save money and provide the expertise, and resources needed to move your organization in a profitable direction. We offer a no obligation two-hour session to better understand your issues and challenges. Your success is our focus and together, we can make a difference. Please call, e-mail, or visit us at:


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