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California Employer Training Panel (ETP)

The California Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides training for your current workforce with money from your deposits to the unemployment insurance fund.

To learn whether you qualify for this performance based reimbursement program, call us or look at the official California Employer Training Panel website.

With ABC, you get 15 years of ETP expertise. We know how to prepare a contract that will be most beneficial to you and avoid ETP obstacles in the approval process.
ETP training is most beneficial when it is:

  • Supported by management
  • delivered to support cost, productivity and production goals
  • properly administrated

Our years of experience with ETP administration enable you to take advantage of the ETP online tracking system. We help you maximize your funding and obtain training that will improve your workforce and business results.

Together with your staff we will keep you in compliance with ETP regulations, reduce internal workload and maximize the return on your investment.

Our clients have earned more than 80% of their original contract amount, significantly more than the state average of 60%.

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