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Our Mission, Philosophy & Values

Truly, the sum of a machine, a business, and most of all, human beings—are more than the sum of their parts.

If you truly believe in the infinite capacity of the human mind---if you truly
understand how one passionate, motivated individual like Thomas Edison can refine and test a thousand times, persisting until he succeeded….if you seek to understand how firms like 3M, General Electric and other world-class firms survive and thrive, and if you are committed to generate insights and new ideas at the grassroots level, and reward profitable innovation at your company, then we’d like to talk with you.

Because we are fervently committed to the belief that people are not robots. Humans are not just “assets.” Your most valuable business investment walks out the door every day. Regardless of their pay scale, if they feel they are treated like a robot, then you don’t have their heart. If you don’t have their heart and mind, you don’t have their full support.

Some call it “enlightened self interest.” Others call it nonsense.Yet nobody can call the future. We all know there will be tough times when nobody seems to be buying anything--and great times when sales are good—and competitors can make tempting salary offers to key people and undercut your pricing structure at the same time. Your efforts NOW to be sure that your staff LOVE their jobs, your customers LOVE their vendor, and your systems serve your bottom line—are among the most important things you can do to be sure your company will prosper THEN.

If you agree with our core philosophy—and if you want to keep and grow good customers, win employee hearts and minds in ways that reduce your stress and improve your profitability, we’d like to speak with you. Whatever your present level of success, we can help you rise further.

And a rising tide lifts all boats.

Contact Ray Anderson, Principal today at 909.794.0232 for a frank discussion, or fill out the Contact Form and we’ll call you.

Whether or not we ever work together, Ray and the ABC team thank you for your efforts to lift people up to their highest potential. Truly, everybody wins when that happens.

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